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Certified Picture Framer

With over 3000 frame choices, Kris Gill can accommodate a huge variety of styles and budgets. She was the second Certified Picture Framer in Oklahoma, is trained in conservation framing, and has special skills to work with old delicate pieces and original artwork. She uses special techniques allowing framed artwork to be safely disassembled for re-framing if ever needed. By attending framing seminars and conventions, she is current on the newest styles and keeps her shop full of exciting ideas.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a great way to display all sorts of items or memorabilia. Whether they are family heirlooms, baby clothes, antiques, keepsakes, etc., a shadow box allows them to be displayed and kept safe an secure for everyone to view and enjoy. So from grandpa's pocket knife, or little Tommy's first baseball uniform, we can custom a shadowbox that would be perfect for it.

Fine Art Framing

Fine Art Framing

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Whether it be marriage licenses, technical certificates, birth certificates, or award certificates presented to employees or even yourself, we can find the perfect way to display them in a custom frame designed to enhance the parchment and look of the document.



Of course we can't forget about the students either. High school, college, PhD's and trade school diplomas can all be framed. We can pair the frame with our Custom Designed Mats so that your diploma and Alma Mater are proudly displayed side by side; we can even even include the year.

Object & Garment Framing


We all have been there. You are cleaning out your attic or storage or going through a relatives belongings and you find that special piece. Instantly memories are brought back and then emotions and sentiments attached with it come as well. We can take that piece and make sure it is displayed and preserved for you and future generations to share. We can do all kinds of objects and garments and place them in a custom shadowbox or frame for you to display.

Custom Designed Mats

custom mats

Utilizing a computerized mat cutter, we have the ability to make custom designed mats for any project. We can do shapes and designs as well as de-bossing, which is a process in which a pattern is sunken into the surface of the material.